By: Aarav Varma

Where is the world headed now? What happened at Capitol Hill was a complete embarrassment to the United States of America. 1796 and 2020 should’ve taught this already.

In 1796, when John Adams won the presidential election and defeated Thomas Jefferson. George Washington humbly gave up his…

By: Aarav Varma

While Antarctica isn’t on the top 5 list I wanted to show it nevertheless as…

While the world is filled with many wonderful destinations, it’s still difficult to make a list of the best places. This list helps you to decide where to go next and includes the best places of all time.


By: Aarav Varma

Map of what COVID has become in the world.

While many places across the US have started to reopen and lots of people believing that COVID-19 is over, research tells them otherwise.

Reports have now shown that the coronavirus Antibodie tests are inaccurate. “New guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns that coronavirus

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