Is COVID-19 Over?

Aarav Varma
2 min readJun 12, 2020


By: Aarav Varma

Map of what COVID has become in the world.

While many places across the US have started to reopen and lots of people believing that COVID-19 is over, research tells them otherwise.

Reports have now shown that the coronavirus Antibodie tests are inaccurate. “New guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns that coronavirus antibody test results may still be too inaccurate to be reliably used to determine coronavirus-related policy.” The CDC said on its website. This just shows that even if people took the antibody test and tested negative for it there’s no guarantee that it was right and makes them one step closer to catching COVID-19.

Even though restaurants are starting open up all across it may not be in the best interest of the public to go out to eat. “There really is no scientific study on the best ways for restaurants to reopen following a Covid-19 outbreak,” said Dr. Robert W. Amler, dean of the School of Health Sciences and Practice at New York Medical College. With this information, it shows that not even scientists and doctors are confident with people going out and shows that there are still many variables to get over to know fully about COVID-19. This makes everyone more vulnerable to getting the coronavirus.

Based on the flu pandemic of 1918 we’re able to get a little more information about how COVID-19 could strike next. “Another possibility is that the initial wave of COVID-19 in the spring of 2020 is followed by a larger wave of cases in the fall or winter, as happened with the flu pandemic of 1918. Subsequently, one or smaller waves could occur in 2021.” says a report from researchers at the University of Minnesota. This states that while COVID-19 may be dropping now it will soar up very soon. It also ruins Christmas!!!

While people may think that COVID-19 is over; they’re wrong. This is only the beginning of a much more devastating case based on the facts represented.