Same Place

Aarav Varma
2 min readJan 7, 2021


By: Aarav Varma

Where is the world headed now? What happened at Capitol Hill was a complete embarrassment to the United States of America. 1796 and 2020 should’ve taught this already.

In 1796, when John Adams won the presidential election and defeated Thomas Jefferson. George Washington humbly gave up his presidency term and let John Adams become the next president. Since then, every single president has followed this to the cup. However, Trump just will not take no for an answer. He lost fair and square. Biden won fairly and legally. Trump should just let it go and admit that he had a bad 2020 as most people did. This just shows that even things that are taught over 225 years still never get to everyone.

Usually, when protests happen, protesters cannot get into the building they’re protesting outside of. However, during this riot, the rioters were able to get into the Capitol building and shooting inside. This doesn’t happen and it raises the question of how could the Capitol Hill Police be so unprepared considering when security is so tight there? Did someone secretly deploy this whole thing from the White House? This also points to something else. What if these protesters were black, would they have been treated the same way? No, because if they were black they would’ve gotten beaten up like George Floyd. Another example is a black man who was wrongly accused and spent 44 years in jail. However, the Capitol Hill Police took a long time to actually do something about this. It’s as if they were just standing there helpless. As someone who had a loved one inside Capitol Hill during the riot, it was very worrying. 2020 should’ve taught us that Black Lives Matter and to be non-racist. However, we seem to have not learned this lesson and are still stuck back in the same place we were over 200 years ago.

Even Republicans are saying that Trump is a sore loser and is like a spoilt brat for wanting to keep his presidency term. Mitt Romney even tweeted stating that “What happened here today was an insurrection incited by the President of the United States.” This just shows that even people in Trump’s own political party think that what he’s doing is wrong. Joe Biden won fair and square and he should be awarded president due to his hard work and perseverance. This violence needs to stop!!!!

Based on the factual evidence I’ve conveyed in this article. I’ve come to the conclusion that America is just like any other third world country. This act is truly an embarrassment for our country. 1796 and 2020 should’ve taught us all that. Instead, though, we’ll always be in the same place that we’ve been in for centuries.