Top 5 Places to visit in the world

Aarav Varma
3 min readAug 4, 2020


By: Aarav Varma

While Antarctica isn’t on the top 5 list I wanted to show it nevertheless as Antarctica is also a place to visit.

While the world is filled with many wonderful destinations, it’s still difficult to make a list of the best places. This list helps you to decide where to go next and includes the best places of all time.


Tahiti is more than just an island in the pacific ocean. It’s a magical place filled with many wonders. These wonders are endless from the rare Tahitian pearls to the Tahitian night sky. The lagoons of Tahiti is what makes it so famous, due to the turquoise water you start to daze off into space which is exactly what you need in a vacation.


London is another city to visit in the world from the historic features to the modern skyscrapers London has it all. The London Eye offers excellent views of London and Buckingham Palace has the history of London stored in it. Another fact is that you might end up bumping into the royals.


Zambia — our covered up pearl! It is no mystery that we have fallen for this landlocked nation in southern Africa with its characteristic attractions that equal those of each major tourism goal in Africa, be that as it may, it is however lost the crowds… But not for much longer. We expect that Zambia will be the best place within the African tourism. The sheer measure and remoteness of Zambia’s national parks cruel no safari vehicle activity jams, exceptionally individual benefit, and an opportunity to meet gigantic warm-blooded creatures eye-to-eye.

Santorini, Greece

The domed rooftops, famous design, and sparkling waters of Santorini will be effectively unmistakable to those who have long envisioned of going by the lovely Cycladic Island. Found within the center of the Aegean Ocean and best-known for its old vineyards and volcanic shorelines. Santorini is a must-see.

New York City

Everyone claims that each time they go to New York, they get hooked; they capture the NYC bug, however, it is so true! The view from Rockefeller Centre, the feeling you get on foot over the Brooklyn Bridge, the heart-racing pulse from strolling up the fifth avenue, and the feel of peacefulness at the same time as sitting in Central Park. New York City is a must-see.

These 5 places are must-see and from all the benefits I’ve mentioned above these cities should be on your bucket list of places to travel. Hope you enjoyed it!! I’m just new to writing.